Make it together: Fruit Kebabs

by kimgerber on 10/26/2012

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We are back to summer here in Los Angeles this October weekend. Temperatures are rising into the 90′s, warm winds are blowing and we’re heading to the farmers market to pick up lots of fruit! Getting kids involved in the kitchen is a sure way to get them trying new foods.   While our kids are little, we begin working to prepare them for life — we teach them strong study skills, the value of saving their allowance for a solid financial future, and  help them learn early on the value of healthy foods so that (hopefully) they won’t try to survive on Cheetos and Diet Coke in their college dorm room.  It may sound simple but we can start with something as easy and fun as Fruit Kebabs. Fruit Kebabs are simple way to allow kids to create their own healthy dish while giving them a fun activity. We lay out out a variety of fruit and skewers (or plastic coffee stirrers for younger children) and let them invent their own creations. Let’s get our kids creating in the kitchen!


Kids Fruit Kebabs

Special Equipment: wooden skewers/straws/coffee stirrers


  • Assorted fruit:
    • green grapes
    • red grapes
    • melon cubes or balls
    • watermelon cubes or balls
    • strawberries
    • blueberries
    • pineapple
    • thick-sliced banana
    • orange
    • apricot
    • peach
    • apple
    • pear


  1. Prepare fruit by cutting/cubing/etc.
  2. Thread pieces of assorted fruit onto skewers.
  3. Serve.

For a festive centerpiece, cut a watermelon in half lengthwise.  Flatten out the watermelon so it sits evenly on the table.  Set aside.  Use other half of watermelon to cube/ball for the skewers.  Make the skewers, then decoratively poke them into the reserved half watermelon.  Display as centerpiece and allow guests to help themselves to the Fruit Kebabs.


Let’s get our kids creating in the kitchen!  Until next time…


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Rosana February 4, 2015 at 6:09 am

Hey Kim,Yes, you could use fresh potatoes, but you’re going to have to miavwocre them first to get them a little soft otherwise they would have to cook too long on the grill and you risk burning them or really drying them out. I haven’t tried it but this is what I’d do.I’d cut the potatoes into wedges and soak them in salted water for 30 minutes. Then pat them dry and miavwocre in a single layer on a plate for a minute at a time, until they were semi-soft and you could string them easily onto a skewer. Then I’d grill them. Hope that helps!Erin


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