Bruschetta For Dinner – Easy, Cool and Utterly Stress Free

by kimgerber on 06/20/2015

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Winter Vegetable and Ricotta Tartines
















Sometimes three simple words can evoke complete stress in a busy mom. The seemingly innocent question, “What’s for dinner?” can send us into seculsion, kick in our flight or flight instinct, or simply make a single drop of sweat, trickle aimlessly from our brow. Now let’s add summer heat to the mix. Okay….run.
But these three simple words need not distress. Making Bruschetta for dinner can alivate all kinds of kitchen and cooking stress. Plus, it’s the perfect (almost) no-cook meal for sweltering summer days.

Check out Bruschetta for Dinner – Easy, Cool and Utterly Stress Free

by Kim Carter Gerber at Mode

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