12 Healthier Valentine’s Day Ideas

February 3, 2014

                              Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I turned to to help organize some of my favorite healthier Valentine’s Day ideas. Enjoy some of our favorites and collect your own!

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Let’s Get Ready for Some Football!

January 28, 2014

                                        Super Bowl Weekend is upon us, and for many that means an excuse to consume large quantities of junk food!  This year, try turning some of your favorite Super Bowl treats, into fresh (and healthier) […]

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Pigs in a Blanket: Fun Kid Food The Healthier Way

January 22, 2011

I’m not suggesting that what your about to read is about health food.  It doesn’t follow a raw diet, vegetarian or vegan diet, or even a fresh-fruit-and-veggie diet.  But we all know kids like fun food and I’m a believer that “Fun Food” does not have to be synonymous with “Junk Food”.   If we make […]

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Is Your Popcorn Coated in Lighter Fluid?

November 6, 2010

As we head into fall, I find that my family starts to crave the cozy goodness of fresh popcorn.  It’s a perfect after school snack on a gray afternoon and it makes a delicious accompaniment to a Sunday movie. I know on the surface it may seem easier to grab a bag of microwave popcorn […]

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Happy Halloween: A few treats for your pumpkins

October 31, 2010

A few fresh treats just for fun!  Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

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Pudding Cups – Cup of what?

September 19, 2010

It’s the third week of first grade at our house, and already my children are coming home with processed food requests from their friends lunch boxes.  Yesterday it was for “those cups of white and brown pudding that everyone has”.  Okay, guess we’re going to push pudding cups up on the list of Out of […]

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On the Road Again…Healthy Road Trip Snacks

August 1, 2010

As I was preparing for a summer road trip this past week I caught myself humming the old Willie Nelson classic, “On the Road Again” and realized that before my family starting thinking Out of the Box about our food, “on the road” meant stops at fast food restaurants and mini marts for meals and […]

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