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by kimgerber on 09/11/2011

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We received many wonderful healthy lunch box ideas over the last few weeks!  I have been utilizing  these new ideas for my kids and have posted them on the Lunch Box Loop – Healthy Lunch Box Ideas page for all to reference when we’re looking for a fresh, new idea.  I have also posted them here to grab your interest!  Our Lunch Box Idea Share is always going, simply visit our Lunch Box Loop – Healthy Lunch Box Ideas page and enter your healthy lunch box idea to share with our readers.  We appreciate your suggestions!

A big congratulations to Amanda Hightower , the winner of our Applegate Farms giveaway!  Amanda will receive Applegate products and discounts worth up to $40.00.  Thanks to everyone who entered.


Some new go-to Lunch Box ideas from our readers:

  • Submitted by Kristin W: Homemade yogurt and swirl it with fresh berry sauce and freeze it in the Lekue Ice Pop Molds. So much better and healthier than the dye/sugar laced Gogurt.
  • Submitted by Nancy:A different idea for each day of the week: Monday is sandwich day, Tuesday is wrap day, Wednesday is salad day, Thursday is dip day (hummus, corn & bean etc) and Friday is Thermos Day (Soup, baked potato, etc.)
  • Submitted by Sara K: “snack tray” type ideas: nuts, fruit, yogurt, cheese, crackers (Triscuit) all in their own special place in the lunch.
  • Submitted by Rebecca: “trail mix” he can pick all the ingredents that he likes, nuts cereal, dried fruit.
  • Submitted by Lisamcgu: I will put together a little box of peanuts and hide a few m&ms in there, if anything just to get her to open the lid! While she is in there, she has been instructed that the m&ms will disapper unless some peanuts are eaten as well, and that seems to work.  As for liquids, I have pulled back on the juices because they are just too terrible with even natural sugar and they seem to go right thru her. Desperately needing to go during school is not fun for anyone. Instead, I put a little bottle of water in there for her, a fresh one each day, so it seems special, or a fun super insulating thermos, which she has picked out, with whole milk in it.  How is she managing to grow? Before school I load her up. We try and do a half an avocado each day. And I pair that with either Trader Joe’s Greek Style Honey yogurt (preferred because of the whole milk and cream in it) or Cascade Fresh Lemon yogurt because of its short ingredient list and its flavored with juice concentrate and that is the only source of sugar. And no “things” in it. On days she is sick of yogurt, I love making that 2-minute microwave Ralphs brand Organic Multigrain Hot Cereal. I get the Plain Grain with no added sugar. Here is the ingredient list – Organic whole grain rolled oats, organic barley, organic wheat, organic flaxseed, organic quinoa, organic rye, evaporated sea salt. That’s it. I like that there is so much barley in there and it is only around $1 for a box of 5 packets!
  • Submitted by Kelly: whole wheat tortillas or wraps-with hummus, cheese, ham or turkey or chicken salad and make roll ups. The possibilities of what you can put inside are endless.
  • Submitted by Thippi:  use cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches. Also make home made “lunchables”. My kids complain that they want lunchables that you can buy at the store, when I told them we can make healthier versions & they help me make it, they were very pleased!
  • Submitted by Thippi:  I’d hide a little square of chocolate inside an apple. I cut apple in half, hollow out as much as I need (not too much) then I put apple together & wrap it in saran wrap & put a cute squiggly ribbon on it attached with a little love note. This year I’ll try to be healthier and mush granola bars into a mini heart shaped cookie cutter & stuffing that in the apple.
  • Submitted by Jenny: chicken salad pita pocket with homemade Honey Mustard dressing.

1 (or 2 in my sons case) whole wheat pita pocket
Mix fresh salad greens, veggies (chopped carrots, onion, tomatoes, etc)
Left-over grilled chicken chopped up
shredded cheese
sunflower seeds
Mix all together and put in pita.
Add a side of your kids favorite homemade dressing!

  • Submitted by Mindy:take whole wheat/whole grain bread, cut off the crusts, place applesauce and a few fresh berries (I use blueberries, raspberries and have even used peaches-yum!!) inside-in the middle not too close to the edges, and seal the ends all around by pressing ends together with a fork. (You can also make this easier if you have one of those thingys that cuts off the crusts and seals the sandwich) Brush lightly with oil/butter of choice and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes, or until bread is browned and a bit crispy. These are good right out of the oven or at room temp and much healthier than a pop tart or pastry…and simple to make! Enjoy!


Next Saturday, September 17th, Slow Food USA is hosting the $5.00 meal challenge to take back the “value meal” by encouraging everyone to make a fresh meal for under $5.00.  Out of the Box Food has signed on to accept this challenge and we hope you will to.  Next week we will post our fresh $5.00 value meal and challenge you, our Out of the Box Food community, to share what you made for under $5.00…there may even be a little prize in it for you!  So get your budget-thinking caps on and be ready to share your $5.00 meals.  Until next week…


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Mary Solis September 12, 2011 at 12:14 pm

Thanks for all of these great tips and ideas! I especially liked the reminder from your reader Nancy about the different idea depending on the day of the week. We do this for dinners and it has helped my kids eat healthier and be part of the planning. I am glad she posted the reminder about carrying it over to the lunch boxes as well! Fun for the kids and a great time/energy saver for me. Thanks again to OOTBF!


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