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by kimgerber on 11/20/2011

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Skin and Haircare products we put on our bodies should really be as natural as the food we are putting in.  Speaking to this point, I have one last personal story to conclude our Peter Lamas series.

As many of you know, I have twin boys.  One son’s negative reaction to Chicken McNuggets was the catalyst for beginning this Out of the Box Food journey.  His aggression and anger within the hour after consuming the Chicken McNuggets caused me to look harder into what I fed my family.  My other son didn’t outwardly react as strong to the food, but  has always reacted strongly to diaper creams, lotions, sunscreens and other skin care products.  In fact, when I consider all the products that have caused rash after rash on my son’s sensitive skin and what I’ve learned from Peter Lamas and my new research into the ingredients in these products, I can now see the correlation between the rashes and the chemicals in the products.

Last week I decided to try the Peter Lamas Chinese Herbal lotion on my son.   I was skeptical, because I have yet to find a lotion he could tolerate.  Guess what it did to his skin?  Ready for this…it hydrated it.  Yup, that’s it.  No rash, just soft skin.

I have learned a lot over the last couple of weeks about the importance of using natural products on our skin and hair.  It makes perfect sense when I think about it.  I’ve spent the last year and and half, learning about and changing the amount of chemicals my family eats, yet I was still putting chemicals on the most porous organ of their bodies.  That all changes here.  Thanks to this journey with Peter Lamas, I am now more aware and will continue to be more selective about the hair and skin care products I put on my family.

Now for the winner of our GIVEAWAY!  The winner has been selected by random.org and will receive an incredible set of all-natural, Peter Lamas skin and hair care products including:

  • Haircare system suitable for the winner (1 shampoo + 1 conditioner)
  • 1 Naturals Styling product
  • 1 Chinese Herbs Travel kit
  • 1 Body Lotion

And the winner is…..

Alicia Maldonado

Congratulations to Alicia Maldonado and a big thank you to all who entered our Peter Lamas product giveaway!  We love Peter Lamas products here at Out of the Box Food and hope to continue to bring healthy hair and skin care information to you throughout the year.


Next week Out of the Box Food will be on hiatus to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.  Looking for Thanksgiving recipe ideas?  Pop over to our mid-week post for our Whole Wheat and Flax Maple Pumpkin Pie and links to tons of other Thanksgiving recipes courtesy of the Food Network’s Communal Table.  Have a happy and safe holiday.

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