A Bite-Sized Thanksgiving

by kimgerber on 11/17/2013

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Whole Wheat Kid-Friendly Gougères
















As Thanksgiving approaches, I reflect on the past year and wish to thank you all.  Though Out of the Box Food has been on a necessary hiatus, the passion and desire to share Real Food for families has never waned.  What greater way to give thanks for all of life’s blessings, than over a meal at the family dinner table, surrounded by those who make your life special.

But how can we make it even a bit more fun for the younger set?  Bite Size Thanksgiving Dinner! And yes, many of these tasty morsels can be packed into lunch boxes to make lunch packing even easier during this busy holiday season.

Please enjoy the fun slideshow below featuring bite-sized Thanksgiving Treats the whole family can enjoy.

For more family-friendly Thanksgiving Recipes, please visit our Recipes Tab

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